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a malcontent rant 09.07.2007



Why Would the LG in LGBT Deny the B Full Marriage "Rights"?...


By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief
Sept 7, 4:30 AM MST

(ap) - The Exclusive and Obviously Discriminatory Expansion of the Definition in Marriage from One Man and One Woman to (2) Consenting Adults Regardless of Gender/Orientation does not take into Consideration that the B in LGBT, "Bisexuals", are "Oriented" or "Attracted" to both Genders.

The Exclusive and Discriminatory Expansion of Marriage as Sought by Homosexuals currently would Deny Bisexuals the Full Choice they Need in Marriage.

Sure, some Bisexuals may be able to Choose Permanently for Life which Gender they want to be Married to, but who are the Homosexuals to say they have to by Demanding that Marriage only be Expanded in Gender Orientation and not Number?

Arbitrarily Changing Marriage to Include some Consenting Adults, while Denying other Consenting Adults in a Free and Open Society, seems to Fly in the Face of the very Arguments made by Homosexuals for "Gay Marriage".

For this Reason, I Submitt that Marriage should Remain between One Man and One Woman... What has Created us as a Species Naturally 100% of the time for the Duration of Recorded History, and most Likely before that to the Beginning.

Of course this doesn't even begin to Deal with "Transgenders", ("People who were assigned a gender, usually at birth and based on their genitals, but who feel that this is a false or incomplete description of themselves."...< Seriously... And we are to take that Seriously.) and since that's Based on Claims that one is not Really a Man or a Woman, we will leave that one out of this Discussion for now.

Any Thoughts on the Denial of Full Marriage "Rights" to Bisexuals in this Crusade for "Homosexual Marriage Rights"?...




tha malcontent

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