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a malcontent rant 09.09.2010



Why don't Muslim Leaders sound like our Leaders regarding their "Extremists"?

By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief September 9,
10:55 PM MST

(ap) - You have an endless line of American leaders, political leaders from both sides, religious and all others denouncing the burning of a book, and act of "Free Speech" according to our own Constitution and Laws.

In essence, we are willing to collectively denounce one of our own who is exercising their Constitutional �Rights�, because it is Inherently wrong� But legal and causes NO harm to ANY person.

You can't get Muslim leaders to denounce almost anything that their "Extremists" do, from beheadings to executing Homosexuals... Err, wait a minute... Those ARE the Leaders in Islam who are doing that!� At least in Islam�s Homeland where it�s REAL leaders are, that is.

Are those of you who continue to be sympathetic to Islam while you call Christianity "Intolerant" and "Hateful" starting to get it yet?

One asshat with a following of dozens gets the �Free Press� to fixate on him about threatening to burn a book, and we have to worry about American�s DYING over it.

Literally, that is what (43)�s General is saying� That�s what Obama is saying� That�s what the FEAR is. If we exercise our �Free Speech� in a way that upsets Islamists, then we can count on Americans Dying.

We are losing this War� And most people don�t even see it happening.

And as long as we continue to cater to this Absurdity that is Islam and their Murderous, Genocidal and Psychotic reactions to things like CARTOONS, then we are doomed to lose this War ultimately.

It is WAY past time to WAKE THE **** UP, people!

If you want to be angry with someone about this Quran burning, be angry with the �Free Press� for profiting off of the coverage they created for OBVIOUSLY Selfish reasons.

This idiot in Florida is inconsequential without the �Free Press�.

With their support, he is a weapon against the Right, because they will paint a perception that this is American Christianity, and in that, it is the Party who appears to be on the road to victory this fall in the Elections� The Republican Party.

And worse, they are a dying industry in dire need of advertising� They get that by getting the American people festered and keeping their attention.

This is not unlike the attempt by the newly bankrupt Newsweak and their ABJECT LIE about our Soldiers flushing Qurans while they were fighting on 2 fronts.

How many died at the hands of angry Muslims so that Newsweak could try to make their budget?

The real villain right now isn�t this inbred hayseed in Florida� It�s the �Free Press� and their shameless attempts at assisting their Party by making news out of this.

The next REAL villain will be the Islamists who murder over this act of �Free Speech� on American soil, God or Allah forbid he goes through with it.

The tragedy will be when the Left and their �Free Press� excuses those Murders and Violence on the part of Muslims in the name of Allah because they were insulted by a book burning redneck in Florida.

Is it getting any clearer"



tha malcontent



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