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a malcontent rant 09.11.2009



This 9/11, let's Remember the REAL Victims... American Muslims


By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief
September 11th... 05:14 AM MST

(ap) - Yep... The AP Says it, and they do come... PMSNBC Predictably led with this TRIPE this Morning, Attempting to Turn America's Collective Victimhood from the Terrorist Attacks on 9/11 to a Special Kind of Individual Religious Victimhood... Disturbingly, the VERY Religion that Drove those Terrorists to Attack us.

I have NO Problem Acknowledging the Real and Perceived Fears of the Muslim Community on this 9/11 Anniversary, ALONG with EVERY other American.

(AP) - There is the dread of leaving the house that morning. People might stare, or worse, yell insults.

Prayers are more intense, visits with family longer. Mosques become a refuge.

Kind of like how New Yorkers, REGARDLESS of Religious Choice, have the same, if not WORSE Fears about going to Work in any of the High Rises in New York, or DC... EVERY SINGLE DAY!

How about Workers at the Pentagon?... Think they have some Stress today?

Sorry, but this, along with MUCH of what the Left is doing Recently, including their Glorious Leader, is SHAMELESS!...

Talk about Slapping the Actual Victims of 9/11 in the Face, AP.

Anyway, if you Care to Read anymore about this, you can do that
here or here

^The only backlash that White Women needs to Fear is if she doesn't Tip Well at the Red Lobster after her 8th Serving of Ulimited Shrimp/Pasta...

"Some of the Muslims interviewed for this story said they have been subjected to insults, though not on the Sept. 11 anniversary. Sayeed remembers a man walking by and calling her "Taliban." Closer to the attacks, an anonymous caller told Rokayak to get out of the country."

Compared to the 3,000 Americans that were Slaughtered that Day in Allah's Name, I must say, Fat, White, American "Muslim" Women are CLEARLY the Real Victims on this Day.

Let's NOT Forget what Happens when Lies like "Flushing Quran's Down the Toilet" are Told by PMSNBC Partners like Newsweak in Disgusting Attempts at Harming our Soldiers in Battle...

That's right, Muslims don't just "Insult", they go on Murderous Rampages over things like that...

Here's to Newspeak and ReWriting History!

Great Job, AP!... And to all of your Misplaced Guilt Ridden Children in the "Free Press", Allah is Pleased!


And even MORE from PMSNBC on how the REAL Victims are American Muslims:

Play about Muslims in U.S. debuts on 9/11

"The author, 29-year-old Wajahat Ali, says his 2-act play is an attempt to create a space for discussion about the Muslim experience in a post-9/11 world. He�s not worried that some people consider the location and date of the premiere provocative."

Should I Politicize this, or just let the "Artist" do it for me?...

�I think it was because the hysteria, the fear, that kind of represented the voice of the Bush administration were still lingering,� Ali said. �Even Dixie Chicks, the whitest women in America, who loved Jesus and the Apocalypse, were branded as traitors�. here I am, with a multi-syllabic Arabic name. I am sure people freaked out.�


And then this Example that Liberals are Ignorant of the Meaning of Words:

"In a scene from the play, Sal (Kamran Khan), the elder brother, teases Fatima (Monisha Shiva), his younger activist, law student sister who wears the headscarf, as �Paki McBeal� and a �feminazi fundamentalist.�

Feminazi's are what Rush Coined as the Ridiculous Feminists in America who Feel that American Women are Oppressed and Enslaved, Primarily by Big Fat Bald White Conservative Men and take that Absurdity to Absurd lengths...

An Islamic Woman is Polar Opposite of this...

And the Fact that American Feminazis are almost Silent on the Oppression that Muslim Women Face in America, not to Mention the Slaughter they Face in Islam's Homeland, while they Clamor about Christian Women who put off Careers to Raise Families as "Victims", makes this even More Entertaining!

Anyway, Apparently PMSNBC is going to Headline the "Victimhood" of American Muslims ALL Day!...

What a way to Remember the 3,000 Americans of ALL Faiths that were Slaughtered in the name of Allah in 2001 on this day!



tha malcontent



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