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McCain Defends Association with Abortion Clinic Bomber

Associated Press Writer
September 16th, 2008 8:38 EST

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Phoenix (AP) � Back in the 1990�s John McCain probably didn't think much of sharing a seat on a board in Arizona with now infamous 1980�s abortion clinic bomber, Mike Hancoff, but with the White House on the table, he probably wishes he didn't have that association hanging over his head today.

Abortion clinic bombing

"I strongly denounce acts of violence like those Mr. Handcoff committed, but he has done great work in the community since those days.", McCain said when questioned by reporters about this recent development at a rally in Selma Alabama.

The Obama campaign was quick to respond to the story.

"John McCain needs to explain his ties to this domestic terrorist, the American people demand an answer.", Barack Obama stated at a campaign stop in the 57th state in the Union, Puerto Rico, on Monday.

"We can't have domestic terrorists potentially making their way into cabinet level positions in a McCain White House.", Obama added.

McCain and Hancoff shared positions on a board for Focus on the Family in Arizona that dealt with the subject of abortion, the law and the church. Hancoff was a well-known community organizer in the Phoenix area during the 70�s before becoming very involved in the evangelical community and becoming an anti-abortion activist.

Hancoff was wanted and on the run for a number of suspected domestic terrorist attacks against abortion clinics and abortionist�s homes. Although charges were eventually dropped after coming out of hiding, Hancoff remains unrepentant to this day.

�I wish we would have done more back in the 80�s to stop abortion and bring that continuing holocaust to the attention of the American people. Those bombings were justified, and could have just been the beginning of something great�, Hancoff was quoted as saying to a group at a Phoenix Focus on the Family campus just after the 9/11 attacks.

The McCain campaign has been scrambling to do damage control while the Obama campaign has sought to capitalize on the scandal.

"How many other Mike Hancoff�s are out there waiting to be exposed in McCain's past?", Obama asked.

The story is unlikely to go away before Election Day, and a new AP poll shows that it's already cutting away at the gains McCain enjoyed after the announcement of the little known Mayor of the Meth Capitol of Alaska, Sarah Palin, as his Vice Presidential running mate.

Palin�s young daughter deciding to go through with an unplanned pregnancy was the first scandal to rock the McCain campaign late in this political season.

Critics and some psychologists say that putting the pregnant child on the national stage like she is could be damaging to her in the future, and to the fetus once it becomes a human outside of the womb.

It also raises questions about the �family values� of the conservative right, who for decades have been preaching abstinence only as an effective form of avoiding pregnancy.

For now, the revelation that McCain is connected to an unrepentant abortion clinic bomber has put the Palin pregnancy on the back burner, but it�s sure to resurface as the campaign continues and the young Palin child begins to show.

Former city council member and Vice Presidential running mate to the Elder Senator, Mrs. Palin, could not be reached for comment.

For more on Bill Ayers, Barack Obama and the Weather Underground, click here: because the AP is not about to give you the real domestic terrorist story in this campaign, and if they do, they will certainly apologize for it and excuse their candidate for his connections to that unrepentant domestic terrorist.

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