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a malcontent rant 09.16.2009



Claiming Racism when there is none, is WORSE than Racism


By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief
September 16th... 08:01 AM MST

(ap) - The Left, as their Agenda Fails around EVERY Corner, even with 3/3's Control, have now digressed to Objectively Dishonest claims of "Racism" whenever this President is taken to Task...

Be it his being called a Liar by Joe Wilson, NOT unlike what Harry Reid said about (43) and Refused to Apologize for, or what the DemocRATS did to (43) by Booing and Heckling him in an ACTUAL State of the Union.

There are also the Claims of "Racism" by the Left and their "Free Press" because of Portrayals of Obama as Hitler or the Joker...

ALL of these things were done to (43) FIRST... And were NEVER Considered Racist.

It doesn't even make sense to call someone Racist for Comparing either Bush or Obama to Hitler...

But I assure you, the ENDLESS Comparisons of (43) to a Chimp or a Monkey would CERTAINLY NOT fly in this Political Environment against Barry.

And that's where the REAL Racism is.

The Dishonest Accusers of Racism who themselves have said and done almost ALL of these things to another President, only now to Cry Racism when it is done to theirs because he has Half African Blood in his Veins.

The Peak of this Dishonesty was Maureen Dowd adding "Boy" into "You Lie"... This is EXACTLY how the Left Views this World...

It is why their Actual Racism in Practice, the Bigotry of Low Expectations, is continued to be pushed by DemocRATS and Liberals, even after a "Black Man" as Achieved the Most Powerful Office in the World.

Liberals Assuming Failure on Minorities IS Racist...

Comparing Barry and the DemocRATS actions to what Hitler did, and giving Substance to it, is the Furthest thing from it!



tha malcontent



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