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a malcontent rant 09.18.2008


Barry Hussein Obama's Daily e-mail 09.18.2008:

By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief
Sept 18, 4:56 PM MST

"The economy hit a new low this week, and in every part of the country, people like you are feeling it."

(ap) - The Stock Mark Rebounds 410 Points and this is Barry's Tone... "A New Low?"... The Economy has Never been Lower, Barry?... Honestly, is that what you are Trying to Convey?... Talk about Dangerous Rabble. - tha malcontent)

"The recent financial disasters -- from the collapse of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to the historic drop in the stock market -- are not just a string of bad luck. They are the result of years of bad decisions made in favor of big corporate special interests instead of America's working families."

(Good Lord, Barry... Do you Really want to Mention your Contributors like that?... Jim Johnson, a DemocRAT who was on the Obama VP Search Committee was also a CEO of Fannie Mae and Made Millions... But that's not even the Most Entertaining Part... Barry is #2 in Contributions from these DemocRAT Created Money Power Houses... Why is he #2 in getting Political Money from them in his VERY Short Washington Career, and why is one of their CEO's part of this Campaign?... - tha malcontent)

"More than 600,000 Americans have lost their jobs since January. Home foreclosures are skyrocketing, and home values are plunging. Gas prices are at an all-time high, and we're still spending more than $10 billion every month on a war in Iraq that should never have been waged."

(Memo to Barry: You and your Party have had Control of ALL of Congress for 2 Years... WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!... What were Gas Prices in 2006, Barry?... Unemployment in 2006?... Stock Market in 2006?... And again... WHAT HAVE YOU DONE since Seizing Power in 2006?!... As for your Continued Spitting in the Face of our ALL VOLUNTEER MILITARY that Re-Re-Re-Re-Ups to go back to WIN in Iraq... Well, it's who you are. - tha malcontent)

"John McCain's campaign is doing everything it can to focus attention on false personal attacks and distractions -- but there's too much at stake for that kind of politics."

(Barry doesn't even Take himself Seriously when he Writes that... - tha malcontent)

"I need your help to get the conversation back on track."

(Here Comes the Begging for Money... What, Fannie and Freddie didn't give you enough before they Collapsed?... Plan on Giving that Money Back, Barry?... - tha malcontent)

"I recorded a two-minute TV ad about our economy and my plan to solve this crisis. Please watch the ad and share it with everyone you know:"

(His Plan to Solve this So-Called "Crisis" is only two-minutes long?... - tha malcontent)

"For eight years, Bush-McCain economic policies have favored reckless deregulation and huge tax loopholes for big corporations. Now, as these corporations crumble, American taxpayers are facing costly bailouts."

(So now McCain is the Congress eh?... All by his Lonesome?... That's Funny, MeThinks your Party, the DemocRAT Party, has had Control for 2 Years, Junior. Stop Lying, or get Informed about where you Work. - tha malcontent)

"More of the same failed ideas are not going to solve our economic problems."

(But I am sure that "Hope" and "Change" will... After all, we are the Change we have been Waiting for, Correct Barry? - tha malcontent)

"I'm calling for a $1,000 tax break for middle-class families -- not just because they need help dealing with the rising costs of gas, food, and health care, but also because our economy needs to be reinvigorated from the bottom up, not the top down."

(Define "Middle-Class"... Specific Income Levels... And I want you to Stick to it... Then tell me who Pays the Lion's Share of Federal Income Taxes in this REPUBLIC... I'll be here. - tha malcontent)

"I'm proposing a second stimulus package to save over one million jobs and provide immediate relief to struggling families."

(Will it take you two-minutes to Explain it?... - tha malcontent)

"And I'll end the "anything goes" culture on Wall Street with real regulation. We can see clearly that our economy is stronger when we protect investments and pensions, and avoid devastating bankruptcies and bailouts."

(When you are King, or God?... Cause you ain't doin' nuthin' without Congress, Junior... Better Hope you Carry Congress IF you Win in November. - tha malcontent)

"This is no ordinary time, and it shouldn't be an ordinary election. Help keep the discussion focused on the issues."

(You do the same there, Barry "Lipstick on a Pig" Hussein Obama. - tha malcontent)

"Please watch the video and share it with your friends today:"

(I bet the only Specific on that Video is how to Donate. - tha malcontent)

"Thanks for helping to bring the change this country needs, Barack"

(Hope for Change... Cause if Barry gets into 1600, that's all you'll have Left! - tha malcontent)


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tha malcontent

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