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a malcontent rant 09.26.2008


The Affirmative Actioning of Investigative Reporting

By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief
Sept 26, 3:50 AM MST

(ap) - Since it's Birth in 1961 via Executive Order 10925, Affirmative Action has become little More than an Assumption of Failure on People of Color.

Minorities, VERY Specifically Blacks, are Assumed to be at a Disadvantage in almost ALL Aspects of Life since that Order.

As of 2008, the National Political Arena is no Exception.

Part of the Reason that the "Free Press" is all but Ignoring the Known Scandals Surrounding Barry, and all but Refusing to Find out his Substantive History going back to even Before Chicago, is because they View him as a Disadvantaged Black, as they do ALL Blacks.


Even if they Found Scandal on Barry in the 80's or 90's, it would be Excused because that's what a Black Man has to do in a White Man's World.

The Problem is, Barry is neither "Black", nor has he EVER been Disadvantaged.

He's as much White as he is Black, and he was Raised by his White Grandparents in the Island Paradise of Hawaii, went to Prep Schools and Ivy League Colleges, and Traveled the World.

The Fact that the "Free Press" Views him as the Disadvantaged Urban Black, and Accordingly Dump him into the Stereotype they have for ALL Blacks, which is they are Incapable of Doing for themselves because of Slavery and other Historical Wrongs, Speaks to Bigger Issues with the "Free Press" and Guilty White Liberals in General.

Looking into Barry in an Honest Journalistic and Investigative way would be Racist.

The "Free Press" is Infected with Generations of White Liberals who are Plagued with Misplaced Guilt about Events in History that they have Absolutely ZERO to do with...

They can't even Assume a Black is Capable of anything but Messianic Destiny at this Point regarding the Presidency.

They wouldn't Investigate Barry being Found in a Hotel with (2) Dead Children and a Bunch of Sex Toys...

They'd Investigate "Who Set Obama Up?"...

This is how they are, and have been...

And they Justify this Lack of Negative Coverage and Intense Favorable Coverage for Obama as Opposed to how they Cover Palin/McCain, the same way they Justify Assuming that Generally, Blacks are Incapable and in Need of their Help.

They Feel if they can Elect "The First Black President", that they will be Cleansed of this Misplaced Guilt they have Burdened all of these Years...

They couldn't be More Wrong.

And the Country couldn't be in More Jeopardy because the Liberal White Press is Attempting to Therapy themselves at the Expense of the REPUBLIC.

Barry shouldn't be President because he's Painfully Untested and Unqualified, and what we do Know of him Leads any Honest Person to Acknowledge that he is to the Left of Ted Kennedy.

I don't Care that he's Half Black.

The "Free Press" and the American Left doesn't Care that he's Unqualified...

They Care that he's "Black" and they are "Making History" for the Blacks by Supporting him and giving him an Advantage by their own Brand of Affirmative Action in Reporting or NOT Reporting, Depending on if it will Help or Hurt Barry.

Because of course, Blacks couldn't do it without them.

Just look at what their Affirmative Action has Assumed about Blacks for Generations now.

It�s Assumed Failure without their Assistance.

This is what Drives them EVERY Morning when they Wake to Report on this Election.

How do we Help the Poor Black Boy get Past the Old White Establishment to his Rightful Place in History?

I Guarantee you they are Leveling the Playing Field in their Minds, and every Story they Ignore about Obama, and every Story they Over Cover about Palin/McCain, is just one More Step in Righting a Perceived Wrong in their Reality.

You will NOT See Honest Coverage from now until Election Day.

This will only get Worse.

The More ANY Whites Dare to Defy the Messiah or his Messengers, the More you will see the �Free Press� Carry his Water, and do his Bidding.

It�s his Destiny.

It�s what Most of them went to their Liberal Arts Colleges to do.

They are not Reporters� They are Social Revolutionaries.

This is their Final Stand in their Minds.

If you Thought RatherGate was the Worst the Media could get, you ain�t seen nothin� yet, Kids!



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tha malcontent

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