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a malcontent rant 09.30.2009



The Fruits of Chicago Community Organizing


By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief
September 30th... 5:01 AM MST

(ap) - I want some Commentary on this from the Commentator in Chief... I've been Waiting.

Click the Pic for the Story

He Comments on Kanye being a Jackass...

Says Cops doing their Jobs Act Stupidly...

I want to Hear what the Teleprompted Yapper has to say about his former "Home Town", as the AP calls it...

His Work was Done in Chicago?...

Time to Move on to DC to Work his Magic on the rest of the Country?...

Why is he Silent all of the Sudden?...

Where is Barry?

And by the way, if the Death Penalty that was in place in Texas BEFORE (43) was Governor Defined (43) Politically, then this Beating Death Defines Barry's Work in the Town he Used to try to get his Black on for National Politics.

After all, a Kansan/Kenyan Transplant to Prep Schools in Hawaii by the White Grand Parents who Raised him ain't the Blackest thing to ever happen, just ask Je$$e...

So what better than to Hang in Shytown for a Few while you Build up for your Run @ 1600...

Forget that Shytown makes Baghdad look Safe at this Point, Barry doesn't have Time to Concern himself with his Brothers...

Ask the one in the Hut in Kenya.

Where is Barry?




UPDATED!... The "White House" Speaketh!

^The "White House" has Finally Commented... Apparently Barry's Teleprompter was Malfunctioning, so a Spokesperson had to Observe the Obvious about this OLD Story...


And of course, Barry will be Presenting New "Policy" to Address this Matter.

After all, these "Jackasses" have Clearly Acted "Stupidly" and there should be a Law.

Nice work in Chicago, Obama!...




tha malcontent



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