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a malcontent rant 10.01.2005



Katrina Blew the Roof off of the Master's House

By tha malcontent (Direct Descendent of the Founding Fathers! - tha malcontent)
ap/afp Editor in Chief
October 1, 1:10 PM MST


(ap) - I have Observed a Pivotal event that is the Direct product of the Tragedy of Katrina...


She Blew the Roof off of the Master's (D) House in the Gulf Coast.


The DNC is the Modern Equivalent to the Slave Master of the Past, and the Federal Housing Project is just a Modern Day version of the Plantation...


Waiting to be Farmed by Massa DemocRAT every other November with more Promises of fixing the Problems the Master (D) is Responsible for Perpetuating, and has no Intention of Fixing.


The DemocRATS were Exposed by Katrina...


She blew the roof off of the Slave Quarters in New Orleans for all to see...


Exposing what happens after 6 Decades of DemocRAT Control in one Region.


Notice how most of the Masters (D) Scattered, still others started Feeding on each other, and the rest, like the Governor (D) and the Mayor (D) simply pointed fingers in every Direction possible except at themselves?...


The DemocRATS don't even Realize that they are Rotting on the Bone Politically.


The Real Tragedy is, that still more of their Constituency will continue Suffer until that Master (D) is Dead.


For the sake of the next Generation, I hope that Funeral is sooner, rather than later.


One more Thought... Repairing the Master's (D) Roof with Federal dollars will be the biggest Tragedy yet for the Poor Blacks and Whites in that Region.


It's time for the Opposition Party (R) to take a Stand Against the Slave Master (D).


We have Witnessed what throwing money at the Problem has done... 6 Decades worth.


It's time the President and his Party (R) start Leading on this Issue, as Opposed to simply Reacting in the same Fashion that the Fed has now for Generations.


Rebuilding is a Foregone Conclusion, but that does not mean that putting the Slaves back in their Quarters has to be part of that plan.


The Master (D) is on the Ropes... It's time for the knockout punch, Mr. President (R).




tha malcontent

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