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a malcontent rant 10.02.2009



Memo to the Left: I've got your "Un-American" Right here!


By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief
October 2nd... 1:10 PM MST

(ap) - If only DemocRATS would have Rooted as Hard for the Troops as they have Obama getting some Payback for his Shytown Accomplices via the Olympics...

Let me get this Straight... I am Supposed to Blindly Support a Self-Involved Community Organizer on yet ANOTHER Vacation Extension of his ME Tour trying to get his Political Birthplace some Duckets and his own Face some more Face Time via the Olympics, but ****ing all over the Troops and their Mission for the better Part of 8 Years is Perfectly OK?...

And if I didn't Support Barry on this Olympic Issue for Chicago, then I am "Un-American"?...

You Leftists don't Understand the Language we have all Agreed upon, and it Shows.

It's OBVIOUS now that Barry is Commander in Chief, and the Silence is Deafening Regarding "End this War", that ALL of that was Political on the part of the DemocRATS...

The Left Turned their Backs on the Troops for Purely Political Reasons and now Exhibit Faux Outrage over Hacky Attempts at Public Exposure for an already WAY Overexposed Community Organizer in Chief.

It's the ****ing Olympics People!...

Barry should've Cleaned that Clunker of a City up before he Left it to Work on the Entire Country...

Then Maybe the Olympics would have been Interested.

Bammy's the ADD President, and we are all in the Path of his Inability to Finish Tasks or Take them Seriously...

I wouldn't be Shocked if this Guy either didn't Finish his First Term or didn't Run again in 2012... On his Own... To to the Next Task he won't Finish like Heading some New World Body he Creates to make him Lord of the Universe.

And here's another Thought, he can't even Convince an Olympic Committee on Choosing Shytown, the Birthplace of "Hope and Change"?...

How in the Hell am I Supposed to Believe that he can Convince our Enemies of anything?...

China of anything?...

It gets MORE Concerning by the Day.

But one thing is for Sure, you Liberals who are Crybabying about his Failure on this Issue, you Need to Check your Priorities...

Supporting the President in War is FAR More Important than Supporting his Self-Serving Goals on a Political Level.

And before you Lie again, the DemocRATS, along with the President and REPUBLICans, Sent these Troops to War and Continue to this Day to Fund it, and even Expand it.

Start Supporting it, or be Defined as Un-American on a REAL Issue.

Good Afterlunch.




tha malcontent



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