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a malcontent rant 10.03.2008


Sarah was Rocky in Rocky I Against Biden

By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief
Oct 3, 3:30 AM MST

(ap) - Sarah Palin was the Underdog Last Night on almost EVERY Level, and anyone who Denies that is Simply a Partisan Hack Liar...

Now that the Pleasantries are out of the way...

Sarah Palin Correctly Illustrated that she has been on the National Stage for about 5 Weeks...

Joe "I don't Think Barry is Experienced enough to be President" Biden has been on the National Stage for over 3 Decades and in Fact was Running Against Barry and Telling the Truth about him before he was Picked to be Barry's #2...

Not Joe's First run at the White House either.

He has Spent the Bulk of his Adult Life Debating the Air in the Senate and one has to Believe that he is about as in Love with his own Voice as anyone EVER has been.

Next to his Running Mate, that is... I Think Hussein Obama has Barry White Playing in his Head when he's Talking and he's Making Slow Sweet Love to his Own Voice EVERY single time he has a Teleprompter in Front of him.

But I Digress...

So after a Week of the "Free Press" Focusing on Sarah's Stumbles in Gotcha Interviews with Dishonest Whores like Katie Couric, we have Witnessed Sarah without a Script, and Standing Toe-Toe with Senate Veteran Joe Biden in front of what will Probably have been the Largest Audience of these Debates...

The World Stage for all Intents and Purposes.

And she did VERY Well.

Only the Most Dishonest among us can Deny that.

The Picture the Left was Attempting to Paint of her was the Sarah that didn't Quite Understand why Katie Couric would Press the Issue of what Periodicals she Reads.

This Question is an Attempt to Paint Middle America as Unread, Ignorant Yokels... It's a Tired Old Tune, but it's one of the "Free Presses" Favorites.

It's Funny, when Barry says 57 States, he was Simply Misspeaking... But if Sarah had said 57 States last night, the "Free Press" would have Questioned her Intelligence, Experience and Readiness to be VICE PRESIDENT... Barry is Running for PRESIDENT, Remember?...

So now that a Live Stage has Proven that Sarah is NOT a Stumbling Bumbling Fool that the Left wanted to Cast her as this Week, am I going to Witness my Side again get Beaten Down by the Media Telling them they didn't Witness what they Witnessed last night?...

I Hope not.

And if they do, and Barry Wins, then I get to Document the Immediate Tone Change on the Part of the "Free Press", just as I did when Clinton took the Oath and the Recession that had Ended Almost 2 Years Prior was Finally Acknowledged to have been over because the "Free Press" had their Candidate @ 1600 and no Longer Needed to say "Recession" every other Word in the News as they did from March of 1991 to January of 1993 in a Weak but Successful Attempt at getting enough Bitter First Stage PaulBots to Vote for Perot and let Clinton Slide into 1600 with 43% of the Popular Vote.

I Witnessed the Reverse of that in 2000 as the "Free Press" Ignored the Economic Slowdown, Market Crash and Tech Bubble Burst that led to the Recession that Lasted the Duration of Clinton's Final Budget, but was Pinned to the ONLY Candidate who in 2000 was Warning that it was Coming and was Accused of "Talking the Economy Down" by the DemocRATS "Free Press".

Well, the "Free Press" went from "Clinton's Budget Surpluses for 25 Years" 2 Weeks Prior to (43)'s Oath of Office in 2001, and then Changed to "Recession" 2 Weeks Later.

We will Witness the Same if Barry Wins, and Earlier.

If Barry Wins in November, the "Free Press" will Shift almost ALL Reporting to the Next President and the Fawning will be like NOTHING you have Ever Witnessed, and the Focus will be on the Positives, not the Negatives and the what they have Called "Bad" will Suddenly be "Not that Bad Compared to", or they will Simply Blame the Previous Administration and Ignore 2 Years of DemocRAT Congressional Control that Ushered all of this in.

If you Thought the Suck Job that Dan Rather (D) did in 1993 to the Clintons was Disgusting...

Just Wait until the "Free Press" gets their "It's our First Halfrican American President, and I Helped!"...

I am Actually looking Forward to either Conclusion.

If Barry Wins, it's 1994 in 2010... Why?... Because this guy is WAY More Self-Involved, Messianic and Delusional than Clinton could have EVER have Dreamed to have Been while be Yanked around on his Leash by Man of the House, HILLARY!

And the Congress will have a Hard Time saying no to a Black Man...

Everything Barry will do will be Peppered with his Race.
You Think the REPUBLICans are Spineless now?...

Take Lott's Cowardly Apologies for his Joke @ Strom's 100th Birthday while Byrd's (D-KKK) earlier "White ******s" Comment was ignored, and Multiply that Times 1000.

This will be an Entertaining Month, that's for Sure...

But Honest people can't Deny that Sarah did VERY Well without a Script, up Against a Pro like Joe, and on the National if not World Stage...


It was NOT her Job to Land a Knockout Punch last night, and for the "Free Press" to Lament that she didn't and then Paint it as a Loss for McMaverick, is just another Illustration of their Dishonesty and Campaigning for Barry/Biden.


~ Have an Opinion?... Then e-mail me @ and Sound off like ya got a Pair!



tha malcontent

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