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a malcontent rant 10.17.2006



Attacks in Iraq will intensify as the US Midterm Election nears


By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief
Oct 17, 10:02 AM MST


(ap) - Our enemy knows that their ally in the United States, the American Left, will be sure to play these attacks up for purely political reasons.

Our enemy also knows that their ally in the United States, the American Left, is more likely to pull out of Iraq and hand them a moral, if not a technical victory, with our retreat.

Some may be reading this and they may be getting angry that I am calling the American Left the ally of our enemy in this War.

When our enemy and the American Left stop sounding alike in their criticisms of this Republic, and its Soldiers... That THEY in FACT sent into this War, then maybe I will stop calling them allies.

The intellectually honest on the Left will acknowledge that the increase of attacks that are coming leading up to the election are happening by design, and they will not assist our enemy by using those attacks to try to regain power.

Unfortunately, those on the Left that can be considered "intellectually honest" are fewer and further between with each passing year.

There was once a day when the politics stopped at the waters edge...

The John Kerry's of Vietnam changed that standard, and they are unfortunately again leading the treasonous against this Republic in our current battle.

I don't know why failure seems to be the ultimate goal of the American Left in almost every endeavor they are engaged in, but in this case, it's a dangerous and deadly course.

It's time to stop this course for the sake of our Soldiers, and get on the side of Victory in this War that you, the American Left, allowed to happen.

Now please, allow Victory to happen, and stop giving aid and comfort to our enemy in the form of your supported and sympathetic words and actions.

Our Soldiers are depending on your Support, and this Republic demands it.



tha malcontent

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