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a malcontent rant 10.19.2008


The Environmental/National Security Case Against Print Media

By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief
Oct 19, 10:35 AM MST

(ap) - The Liberal Media in this Country Loves it's Newsprint... From the New York Times to Newsweak, their Addiction to Big Oil and Terrorist Sympathizing/Harboring/Funding Nations who Produce it, is only outdone by their Bloodthirsty Need to Destroy our Environment even Further by Killing the very Trees that Help us Live.

"Big Oil?", you ask... Yes... Newspapers don't Magically Appear on your Doorstep or at the Office or Eatery...

Nope, they are Delivered and done so Primarily by Big Oil Burning Vehicles that Supply Money for the Terrorists around the World to Kill your Children with� Read up!

Couple this with the Raping of the Environment that is done to Produce the Papers and Magazines themselves, and you have a Deadly Combination for every Man, Woman and Child on this Planet.

When are these False Prophets, who Preach to us about Recycling and doing with Less for the Environment, going to Lead by Example?...

They are like Drunken Sailors Looking for Whores at Port with the way they Burn Fuel to Deliver the Remnants of the Life Giving Trees they Rape just to Forward their own Hypocritical Agenda and make a Filthy Buck.

For Shame... FOR SHAME on you, you Capitalist Pig Liberal Media.

The Blood is on YOUR Hands.


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tha malcontent

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