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a malcontent rant 10.29.2008


Obama Assumes his Audiences are Stocked with Idiots

By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief
Oct 29, 12:35 PM MST

(ap) - Obama Assumes his Audiences are Stocked with Idiots... And Apparently they are.

He Mocks the Right's Assertions that he's a "Socialist" or a "Communist" by saying that he Shared his Lunch when he was in Grade School, or some Simplistic TRIPE like that and Naive Children and Burned-out Hippie Boomers Lap it up like the Mindless Lemmings they are.

One Individual Willfully Sharing what they have with Others is Called CHARITY, Barry... But he Knows this.

Of course Prior to this Presidential Run anyone Looking at his Charitable Contributions wouldn't have Thought Barry was Very Charitable.'

But he Sure Sounds Pretty Charitable with our Money, doesn't he?...

The Government Taking someone's Income and "Spreading" that "Wealth" is NOT Called Charity...

It's Called Socialism, and it's the Step Directly behind Communism.

He's a Socialist now by Faith... If he becomes President and has the Power of the Purse Strings and the Power to Tax our Labor and Enforce it in Law, he will then be a Communist in Practice, if the People he Sought out in College are any Indicator...

Remember, Obama Sought out Marxists... Said so Himself.

Allied with them in his Political Alliances and in his Religious Alliances... Ayers... Wright, etc., etc.

Sadly, Barry Knows his Constituency is either Willfully Ignorant, and I Personally Know some of these People, or they are Simply not very Smart People for one reason or another... Probably because they are Products of the Failing Public School System Barry would like to Give MORE Power and Money to.

Either way, he is Dangerous to the very Fabric of this Nation and what has Sustained and Expanded her for 200+ Years...

He is Dangerous to it because he Thinks that Fabric is Flawed and Needs to be Fixed and has been since the Constitution was Penned without Socialism being Included...

And his Fixing that Flaw is to Spread the Incomes of those who Labor to those who do Not...

As he Lamented to NPR, the Courts simply could Not get that Job done... He Sought the Legislature and now the Presidency for EXACTLY this Reason.

It's NOT Difficult to Secure the Vote of Sloth with the Promise of Unlimited Sloth... Correction, Sloth with Medical Benefits.

It is NOT Difficult to Secure the Vote of People who don't do for themselves Willfully, with the Promise of the Profits of the Labor of others who do.

If he and his are Allowed to Take away the Incentive to Work and Better themselves, they will Take away the Soul of this REPUBLIC.

Obama Lie: "So we can Finally give Tax Cuts to Middle Class Americans".

I Hope that Middle Class Americans KNOW that they have NOT done without Tax Cuts in the Last 8 Years, Regardless of how Many Times Barry Tells that LIE...

I Hope they also KNOW that their Tax Dollars have been Given to those who have not Contributed to the Pot when those "Tax Cuts" and "Rebates" were Returned to the People.

And if they Vote for this Snake-oil Salesmen Thinking he will Champion the Middle Class, then they will be Sorry...

He will Simply Burden them Further with the DemocRATS Slothful and Dedicated Base of Jobless and Generationally Dependent Leeches who will Happily be Bused every (2) Years from the Park Benches where they Lie Drunk and Stoned Waiting.

The only thing that Money being Thrown at these Leeches has Produced is MORE Leeches.

Look at any Declining Major US City and you will see Generations of DemocRAT Control, Failing Schools, Crime, Out of Wedlock Pregnancies, Drugs and MASSIVE Budgets with the Promise of Fixing it all...

All the While the Problems Compound and Expand with every Budget Increase that Takes from the Labors of the Hardworking and Industrious and Gives to those who have NOT Earned it.

When you Promise to Give Peter some of Paul's Money, you are Assured Peter's Vote... Barry and his Socialist/Communist/Marxist/Terroist Allies Know this.

A Presidential Election has NEVER Mattered More than this one.

This is the Closest an Un-vetted, Terrorist Allied, Marxist, R�sum�-less Hack has EVER gotten to the Presidency.

This Junior, NOT YET ONE TERM Senator, said he was not Qualified to Run for President when he Won this Junior Seat 130 some Congressional Days ago... His VP said he was NOT Qualified to be President... And the Woman who ACORN Most Likely Stole the DemocRAT Nomination from said the same Damned thing about Barry.

With the Assistance of his Socialist Allies in the "Free Press", ACORN, Undocumented Campaign Money that is going to Top what BOTH Candidates in 2004 Spent, DemocRAT Appointed Judges and Outright Election Fraud, this Fraud of a (m)an may just Win this Election.

But Fairly Accurate Polls show this Race Tightening, and in some Cases a Dead Heat....

With all of that, Barry isn't Landsliding this Election... He's in a Fight, and even the "Free Press" with their 14 Point Lead Push-Polls KNOW this, and that is why they will get even MORE Desperate as the next 7 days Pass and the Polls Continue to Tighten so that if their Messiah Loses, they can at least be within the Margin of Error...

Give them a Fight.


Ignore the Polls...

Ignore the Obamedia on Election Day and VOTE!

Your REPUBLIC as you Know it Depends on it.

The World Depends on it... As Barry said, he is going to "Change America and the World".




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tha malcontent

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