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a malcontent rant 10.30.2008


I Don't Think that Marxists like Obama are Evil

By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief
Oct 30, 10:55 AM MST

(ap) - I Don't Think that Marxists like Obama are Evil, I Think they are Naive and Ignorant of the Realities of Life.

Having Never Run a Business or even Earned a Legitimate Working Paycheck, Captain "Community Organizer" is a Dreamer with a Megalomaniacal Attraction to Himself that is so Obsessive that @ 47 he has (2) Autobiographies.

Being so Fixated on himself his Entire Life and his Insatiable Need to get his own Greatness to the Masses for their own Good, he has not Experienced Real Life.

This is the Case with Most Marxists and Socialists... They are Products of having Never left College.


Many of them, Barry Included, Stayed and became Professors.

The Real World to these People is Full of People who are Beneath then Intellectually, and in that, Beneath them in General... In their Narrow View of things.


They are Servants who do Tasks for them, be it Cleaning their Pool or getting their Dinner Order.

They Surround themselves with Likeminded People and Stroke each other's Egos like it's a Source of Nourishment for them, and with this Restricted Experience in Life, they come to some Reckless Conclusions about some very Important things that Effect each and every one us.

When Challenged on ANY of their Beliefs or Policies they are Quick to Dismiss you without Acknowledging any of the Evidence or Facts you Might Present to Counter their Pre-determined Conclusions.

Most of you Know at least one Professor like this, if not Many.

Other Socialists left the Colleges and went into Journalism and or Media...

Not to Report, but to "Change the World", as Barry Regularly Regurgitates as one of his Goals after Fixing America.

Most of these Socialists were Pushed by their Professors into this Career Path, and with the Baby boom Generation it was an Easy out of the Draft.

From the Convenience of American Soil these Bastards Back Stabbed our Soldiers for the Duration of the War, and when the Soldiers Returned Home they were met by these Privileged Leftists with "Baby Killer" and all Sorts of Attacks for having Served when Called.

These Socialists are now the Network Bosses... The Editors @ Rags like the LA Times and the New York Times.  The Higher-ups in Journalism and Media and EVERYTHING they do is Viewed through the Vietnam Era Prism, and they are Inbred with one another Intellectually and Marry Accordingly.

It's why they don't Report on the Success of the Surge and why Obama all but Continues to Deny the Reality of that Success.

It Defies their Belief that War is Bad and Ultimately a Failure if they Acknowledge Military Success.

Had they been Courageous during WWII, they would have Spoken as they did in Vietnam or now about what we did in Dresden or Japan...

But FDR/Truman would have them Shot, and that's the Difference.

Being a Traitor to your Country since Vietnam is a Badge of Honor for Socialists, and it all Started with Uncle Walter Coming out Against Vietnam using... The Media.

Walter Cronkite has Acknowledged that Media is Inherently Liberal, by the way... Genuine Honesty or Guilt because of Age?

Again, I don't Think any of these Socialists or Marxists are Evil... I Think they are VERY Well Intentioned... But as you Know, the Path to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions.

As is the Path to the End of this REPUBLIC if Marxists like Obama are Given a Blank Check and Unfettered Power via a DemocRAT Congress that will Forcibly "Level the Playing Field" to their Liking.

Listen to Obama over the Years as well as Recently... "Spread the Wealth/Income" is what he is.

The People he Sought out were "Marxists" in his Own Words...

Marxist/Terrorists like Bill Ayers and his Racist Black Supremacist Pastor/Mentor who he Spent 20 Years of his Life with, Marrying him and Baptizing his Children, only to be Tossed to the Side once Barry go to this Stage... The Stage he has Sought his Entire Adult Life.


Now those who were Dedicated to him are Used Rags to be Discarded as Unsightly for they New Obama...


This Incarnation of Barry is not Different than those of his Marxist College days, he's just Clever enough to Know "the People" will not buy his Snake Oil if he is Honest about it.

He has Surrounded himself with People like Unrepentant Terrorist Bill Ayers since Leaving the Island Paradise of Hawaii where his White Grandparents Raised him in a Life of Privilege and Prep School.

He Gravitated to Socialists and Marxists in a Hotbed of that Belief System in Chicago.

All of this was for the Ultimate Goal of Showing ALL Americans that his way, the Marxist way, is the Way.

Since Karl Marx himself, these People have All Believed that they Know what is Best for others... It's their Nature and they Gravitate Towards each other to Enforce that Belief.

They are Incapable of Acknowledging Flaws in their Beliefs because that would be Acknowledging Flaws in themselves, and they won't have that.

Capitalists Understand that Capitalism and ALL things for that matter are Flawed, but you can't Throw out the Good in the "Hope" of the Perfect.

Perfect doesn't Exist, but Barry would have you Believe his Answer is Perfection Personified.

He and his have only Seen the Flaw in this Great Republic since it's Founding, as Barry himself has Stated Regarding the Constitution itself.

Their Naive "Hope" that there is a Better way that just hasn't been Tried Correctly regarding Socialism and Marxism, is just that, Naive.

It's Ignorant of History... It's Failed EVERY time it's Tried, or will.

And as it Fails Masses of Humans Suffer Terribly, Regardless of what Idiots like Michael Moore or Oliver Stone try to Portray about their Island Utopia of Cuba.

If something Sounds Easy, as Barry's "Answers" do, then it's NOT Realistic, because NOTHING in Life comes Easy for the Masses.

You either Do for yourself, or you do not.

Marxism Takes away the Incentive to do, and Eventually Leads to the Forcing of Labor with Threat of Penalty from the Dictators.

But Thanks to the American Higher Education Establishment, this Failed Philosophy stays Alive in the Hearts of Newer and Newer Generations of Ignorant and Naive Youth.

Most of them Thankfully Grow up, get Jobs and Realize some things about Life.

Barry "Two Autobiographies at 47 with no Real Accomplishments to Warrant even One" Sotero Never had to Grow up...

And it Shows.

If Something Appeals to a Child, it's Probably Childish, and Barry's Solutions are Exactly that, Childish and not Rooted in the Realities of Life.


We don't let Children Make the Rules for Exactly this Reason, and this Man Child Presenting himself as the Messiah should not be Allowed to Make the Rules come Election Day.


Do you Part to see that he Doesn't and Vote.



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tha malcontent

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