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a malcontent rant 10.31.2008


Don�t Overplay the �Great Depression/New Deal� Hand

By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief
Oct 31, 10:35 AM MST

(ap) - The WWII Generation Knows what Honestly Bad Economic Times are, and I Think they Know that this Millionaire �Community Obamanizer� who has Done VERY LITTLE to "earn" his Millions is Capitalizing on the Irrational Fears of the Masses about this Economy.

That Generation Knows that 6% Unemployment is a Dream for ANY Economy, because they have seen 20%+ Unemployment and Soup Lines, not Lines of Grown, Able Bodied Adult Men in Line to Buy Video Games the Split Second they are Released at Midnight during this "Horrible Economy", or Packing High-Priced Eateries and Bars while Driving New Cars.

The WWII Generation Knows of Snake Oil Salesmen and Husksters who come around when Times are Bad Promising the Fix.

Well, I Think the Fix is in.

And if Barry Loses, don't be so Quick to Call that Generation Racist to Satisfy your Anger that your Messiah was Rejected by Honest, Hardworking People who Earned theirs.

The DemocRATS have Successfully Scared that Generation, Election after Election, with Claims that the REPUBLICans were going to Take their Social Security or their Medicaid.

Although these were Outright Lies, the WWII Generation saw that as a Threat to what they were Owed... And Rightfully so.

But I would Suggest that when the DemocRATS start talking about 6% Unemployment and 1 Quarter of virtually Flat Economic Growth as "The Worst Crisis since the Great Depression", then I Think they are WAY Overplaying their Hand.

The WWII Generation Observes the Generations that have Followed and the Materialistic Gluttony they have Immersed themselves in.

"The New Deal Ver. 2.0" and the Hysterical Dishonesty of the American Left this Election could be their Undoing.

Those who Lived during the New Deal Remember what Sacrafice was... What Not having the Next Meal was... And what "No Jobs" was.

If Times are so Tough, and things are so Hard, then why am I not Seeing any of these Laid Off Workers in Line at the Day Labor Line where there is Virtually Unlimited Work?...

I see Plenty of what Appears to be Illegal Aliens in those Lines MORE than Willing to Work if a Job is Available.

Or why am I Continuing to see "Help Wanted" Signs at Home Depots, Wal-Marts and almost everywhere else?

Oh, not THOSE Jobs?...

I See, we want Jobs that Pay Unskilled Starting Positions of $30/hr.

That's Rational.

And you Wonder why the Big 3 are Collapsing right before our very Eyes.

Not to Mention Unemployment Checks are still getting Handed out, so why go get a Job, right?

The Great Depression is something this Country, and Specifically the DemocRATS, had better Pray is NOT Coming, because their Spoon-fed Base and this Wealthy Spoiled Society wouldn�t Know how to Sacrifice an IPod or a Cell Phone or their Satellite TV if it were, much less their Big Ticket Items that they've Mortgaged their Houses to Play with.

It's Funny, back in 2000 there was an Economic Slowdown and then Governor Bush was Warning about a Coming Recession.

The "Free Press", always Cheerleading for their President Clinton, called Bush out for "Talking Down the Economy".

Well, he was Correct and Rational in his Prediction of a Recession, because while the "Free Press" was Parroting Clinton's "Budget Surpluses for 25 Years", our Economy was in Fact Slipping into Recession and was in one 40 Days after Bush (43) took Office.

Since that Clinton/Algore Recession Ended, the "Free Press" has Hinted at Recession for the Remaining 6 Years as we have seen Job Creation and Steady Growth until this Year.

Chicken Littling "Recession" for More than a Half of a Century does not Make you the Smartest Kid in Class when one FINALLY Comes.

And a Memo to the "Free Press" and their Huckster... We aren't even in one yet.

Maybe we will be, Maybe we won't, but I can Assure you that this is NOTHING like a Great Depression and Talk of a New Deal and Great Depression Crisis is the Worst Kind of Talking Down of the Economy that I can Imagine.

Recessions Happen Kiddos� Life�s not always a Gravy Train.

Buck up and Deal with it. That�s my �New Deal� for you� Deal with it.

Time will tell what this Economy does, but I would not be so Quick to Assume that Screaming "Great Depression" is going to Move the WWII Generation to your Side.

They can Spot a Huckster/Snake Oil Salesman a Mile away, no Matter how "Clean" and "Articulate" he is.



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tha malcontent

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