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a malcontent rant 11.01.2011



CNN Really Wants to Know what the OWS Goal is...

By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief Nov 1,
10:55 AM MST

(ap) - they can hurry up and get behind it!... And Wrap their Loving Arms around it!...

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"There's no easy way to define Occupy Wall Street. That's part of what's made it hard for the media � and those involved in the protests � to wrap their arms around the movement."

Why would the Media need to Wrap their Arms around ANY Movement, CNN?...

"Many people have questioned the movement's legitimacy, since it has no clear leadership, nor a clear list of demands or solutions to the economic inequalities it rails against."

Because it's a handful of Tantrum Throwing Goofball Leftists and the Homeless, Alcohol and Drug Addicted, and Mentally Ill that they are Abusing for their Tantrum...

This is about the Attention that these Twits are so Obviously Starved for, not about 3 Years of ObamaFAIL or 8 years of Boooooooosh or Corporate Greed or Wall Street Evildoing...

But hey, it's Entertainment leading up to what appears to be a Cold, Snow Heavy Winter.

And the AFC West is looking like it could be a Brawl of 3...

So I'm Giddy... Crack a few Skulls before the Playoffs get here!

As an Infamous PD once Joked:

"We get up early to beat the crowds"...




tha malcontent




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