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a malcontent rant 11.02.2010



Voter "Anger"... 2008 vs 2010

By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief November 2,
5:55 AM MST

(ap) - Anyone who remembers the hundreds of thousands of jobs being lost monthly, coupled with the Obsessive Regurgitation of "Great Depression" by Obama, and the understandable Exhaustion of the Country regarding what appeared be endless and fruitless Wars in the Middle East, the American People were FAR more Emotional in 2008 than they are now.

They have had 2 years of an Obama/DemocRAT Congress and are Savvy enough to now Know that the DemocRATS have had the Congress for 4 years, where most of this Reckless Spending has found it's Birth.

The "Free Press" will Attempt to paint this Electorate as Angry, Emotional and even Irrational...

We are not... At least not Irrational.

Of course the Electorate Voted out of Fear and Anger in 2008, but the "Free Press" didn't paint that picture, because they were finally Voting with the Majority again, and they could never see themselves that way.

But now that the Majority has turned on them, it's back to the Voters "throwing Tantrums".

The Economy leveled off just after Obama took the Oath and it hasn't done much since... And Barry didn't do a thing to cause that leveling. There are a LOT of people out of work and it doesn't appear that any of the Obscene Spending that the DemocRATS put into place has done a thing for those people...

Specifically the Young who helped Obama and the DemocRATS in 2008.

This group of Young Voters comes from a Generation without Patience... Don't Promise them things you can't deliver on and do so in a fashion that reflects their Lifestyles.

That was your first Mistake.

Your second was to Ignore the People after gaining Power.

The Political winds "Changed" naturally and over a period of years to get to this point, not just over a couple of months of massive job's losses and Shameless Fear-mongering.

Another thing that the DemocRATS failed to realize, is that this is the Most Informed Electorate in History... And the next will be even more so, thanks mostly to the Technology that assisted Obama into Office in 2008.

But it cuts both ways, the DemocRATS do NOT have the Monopoly they once had on Information.

When the DemocRATS were trying to Raise Taxes on EVERYONE while Dishonestly claiming it was only on the Evil White Rich, there were other outlets of Information who Informed the Electorate about the Truth.

At the last minute, Obama and the DemocRATS attempted to suddenly Support 75% of the Bush Tax Cuts and the American People saw it for what it was.

More Lies...

And let's not forget the Wars... Obama and the DemocRATS ran on Ending them, regardless of their Excuses now.  2 years later we are still there, and regardless of the "official" end of Battle for our Troops, the American People continue to see American Deaths in Iraq... And worse in Afghanistan.

Couple that with the various Terrorist Attacks on our Soil since Obama that have taken American Lives like the one at Ft. Hood, and the ones that continue to be Attempted like we are seeing this pre-Election Weekend, and and you have "Meet the New Boss... Same as the Old Boss"... And the American People feel EXACTLY that way Today.

They probably felt Safer under (43)... There have been more Deaths on our Soil to Islamic Terror in Obama's 2 years than in all 7 years following 9/11 under (43).

But I Think the biggest mistake they made was to Promise this Ambiguous Fix for Healthcare, leading MANY in their Constituency to Falsely Believe that they would be getting FREE Healthcare if they just Voted DemocRAT...

Well, nobody has Free Healthcare and those who were Expecting it after Obama Signed it into Law are likely now Unemployed or Underemployed and that just added to their "Anger" at the People who made these Promises 2 and 3 years ago.

For Certain there is Anger... And the "Free Press" will try to Depress this Victory for REPUBLICans by Dismissing it as Irrational Anger...

They are Wrong... This is very RATIONAL "Anger" and it's been brewing for 2 years now.

What happened in the Fall of 2008 was the Definition of Irrational and Emotion Based.

This is the Correction.

And after this Correction, the President will continue to do what he has been doing like going on Vacation after Vacation... Golf Course after Golf Course... And Partying with the likes of Paul McCartney while the People who put him in Office continue to Lose their Homes, Suffer and do without, more and more on a daily basis.

The next Correction is in 2012... Keep up the good work, Barry!

You're next!*

(*Next to Lose his Job... You have to Clarify these things, otherwise you get visits from the Feds that the Left Complained about for almost a decade under Booooosh, but would probably applaud if they kicked my door in!)




tha malcontent



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