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a malcontent rant 11.10.2010



I witnessed this same cycle back in the late 70's, early 80's as a kid

By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief November 3,
4:45 AM MST

(ap) - All of these things we are watching happen, from the persistent economic downturn, to the push for conservation, recycling and green energy, to the Middle Eastern crisis machine... Witnessed it all.

With a couple of small exceptions� Back in the 70�s these same Leftists were chicken-littling a �New Ice Age� if we didn�t stop raping the Earth, as opposed to burning up, as they now claim.

Unemployment was worse during the Carter/Reagan "Great Recession" (If we are giving dramatic names to Generational Corrections.), than it is now� By about a 1.5%.

That Correction was the WWII Generation�s... The one we are currently enjoying is the Boomer�s... The bigger they are, the harder they...

Here's a dramatic name you don't here today... The "Misery Index".

It was so bad on all levels at the end of Carter that they created a "Misery Index" to track it.

Here's something that isn't a parallel... How Carter acted during the suffering compared with Barry Obama today... $200 million a day vacations to his boyhood home under the guise of "diplomacy"...

Carter also didn't party like it was 1999 obsessively... But hey, Carter had his faults as President, at least he was humble while we suffered.

During the Carter/Reagan "Great Recession", not only did unemployment eventually peak at 11%, but also you had high inflation and double-digit interest rates... Some people were paying 18%+ to purchase a home.

That Generational Correction began in about 1978 and ended in about 1983... This one will probably be about the same duration. What's that mean for you?... 2 or 3 more years before gold shits the bed and opulence, selfishness and greed return.

Cycles man... Cycles.

Remember the 80's?... Then you weren't there.

But seriously, there was also a big old bad boogie man back then that was going to own us just like China today... It was called Japan...

They were going to destroy us and own us economically... Instead they have built auto plants all over the US that employ Americans with high paying and secure jobs, not to mention dealerships, repair shops, accessory stores, parts stores, etc., etc., etc.

Everything old is new again, and the 80's are about to come roaring back. This coming decade will be known for it's excess once we reflect upon it in about 10 years.

It may not be as big as the 80's or even the post Gulf War expansion that basically lasted from 1991 to 2007/08, save a short and almost unnoticeable Recession in 2001 that was dwarfed by 9/11... But it will come.

Some of it will be fueled by the artificial and unsustainable stimulating of the "Green Economy" by this President and his Party in the last 2 years.

Enough borrowed future Labors of Generations not born yet have given that potential "boom" its foundation.

Whether or not it will be the "Tech Boom" that fueled that 90's and the �Irrational Exuberance� and on is yet to be seen.

I don't think it will be, because Government can't create demand... At least not sustained demand.

But they can always appropriate more money to prop it up, so maybe people will believe it's real.

They could also loosen lending regulations and strong-arm lenders into lending to just about everybody, artificially bubbling the housing market, artificially raising values that are then borrowed against by those who can�t afford the house in the first place and then when another correction comes, we can do this all again� Will they?

Imagine how much worse the 1978 to 1983 Great Recession would have been with the banking and housing issues we are currently having added to it?

Of course, there were the S&L�s and spots of housing busts around the nation, but nothing like what is happening today�

Yet we haven�t collapsed� But I digress.

Government can also mandate Environmentalism in Law... And if they do and we are all driving electric cars and have solar panels everywhere, the next "boom" I predict will be the Government mandated clean up of all of the old batteries and solar panels that are hazardous waste that nobody wants to think about now and probably won�t want to deal with then�

Kind of like Denver Public Schools doesn�t want to deal with all of the old solar panels that they have on their schools from the last time we did this EnviroCycle that are too expensive to repair and too much of a headache to dispose of now that they have outlived their lifespan.

When we are all part of the Green Clean-up in 2025 or 2030, we will have to maneuver in and out of the broken and obsolete wind farms and Boomer Storage Facilities (BSF) to get the battery and solar debris back to the plants that can deal with them.

It�s exhausting just thinking about it.

Maybe by then Global Cooling will be upon us as the �Settled Science� of the day like it was in the 70�s and the answer will be to get out those old muscle cars and start burning leaded gas again to reverse the inevitable ice cubing of the Earth because of Man�s irrational need to stop Global Warming at all costs and all of the waste it produced!

At least we would be delivering the Green Waste looking cool!

I�d probably just volunteer to go to whatever Planet we were mining for the coal needed to burn at the power plants on Earth to sustain the billions of cars that are plugged into the grid every day�

Yeah, electric cars that plug into your house require coal to generate sufficient electricity to power them� You didn�t know that?

Where did you think the electricity was going to come from?� The solar panels on your house?� You own personal turbine in your backyard?�

Of course, you�d have to be lucky enough to have a yard or even be allowed to own a yard.


Don�t blame me for any of this� I�m simply and Observer.




tha malcontent



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