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a malcontent rant 11.18.2009



Obama Lewinskys China, US Strikes!, or Is Barry Jesus?


By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief
November 19,.. 4:25 AM MST

(ap) -
The Headline on PMSNBC:

U.S. strikes conciliatory tone in China
In China, U.S. strikes conciliatory tone - Washington Post-

^I read the first (2) Words and then see China, and I'm like, "HOLY ****", we are at War...

Of course it was just MORE of the Obama Bowing Tour Part III and the Continued ***ting ALL over our Country while Propping Communist Dictatorships up.

Not having Coffee recently might have Played a part in my Initial Shock also.

Tuesday, Obama hailed China as an economic partner that has "proved critical in our effort to pull ourselves out of the worst recession in generations." The day before, speaking to students in Shanghai, he described China's rising prosperity as "an accomplishment unparalleled in human history."

^If only Barry could Speak in such Positive ways about his own Country... The one that Elected him President and gave him the Freedoms and Opportunities that China would NEVER have.

Instead, Barry has Spent almost his Entire Presidency Apologizing for the US and Pointing out it's Perceived Negatives in Collective and Completely Opinionated ways as he did after the Islamic Attack at Ft. Hood with this:

"In an age of selfishness..."

^That is EXACTLY how Barry views his Subjects... As he Flies in Jets on Dates with his Wife. At least the Herpes of American Politics, Jimmah Carter, had the Decency to NOT Live Large during the Misery of his Presidency.

When I read this next line, it let me Know just how these Sycophants in the "Free Press" Honestly see this President:

But Clinton and other U.S. presidents never needed China's help nearly as much as Obama's America needs Hu's.

Obama's America?...

And **** China... They NEED us to Consume, End of List.

But to Barry's Selective Credit, he did bring up Human Rights:

"America's bedrock beliefs that all men and women possess certain fundamental human rights," Obama said, "are universal rights" that "should be available to all people." He also urged China to resume talks with representatives of the Dalai Lama, Tibet's exiled spiritual leader.

If only he could Direct some of that Righteous Indignation towards Islam and the Countries in the ME that Rule with it.

Instead, Barry says things like this about Islam in the Face of it's Attack that Killed 13 of our Service people at Ft. Hood:

"But this much we do know -- no faith justifies these murderous and craven acts; no just and loving God looks upon them with favor."

I would like Obama to Explain the Execution of Homosexuals for being Homosexual in ME Countries as a matter of LAW...

The Burying of Women up to their Necks and then Stoning them to Death because their Husbands Accused them of Cheating as matter of LAW.

The Targeting of Children on School Buses as a Matter of Tactics in War.

Hiding behind Women and Children as Tactics in War.

Are these Acts NOT Happening as a Product of Islam and it's Religious and Political Leaders?...

Do the Islamic Leaders in these Countries not Support these Laws and Acts using the Quran?

They Certainly aren't just the Acts of Crazy Individuals, instead they are the LAW OF THE LAND in Islamic Countries, and to Deny this Fact is to either be a Coward in the Face of Islam, or to do it's Bidding Willfully...

At this Point, Ignorance about Islam is NO Longer an Excuse.

So do we have Selective Outrage about Human Rights Violations depending on what and or whom the Source of the Oppression, Tyranny and Murder is?

If it's Communist China, it's OK to say something as we kiss their ass, but if it's Islamic Law in ME Countries, then we just Act as if it doesn't Exist and then Praise them for being Loving and Tolerant?

Then we have more of the Parroting of White House Propaganda in this, "You shoulda seen what Obama did behind Closed Doors, man!... He's a Badass!" Section of this Washington Post Piece of:

White House officials described Obama as even more forceful behind closed doors, suggesting that the administration is more eager to engage with reality than grandstand. Obama had "as direct a discussion of human rights as I've seen by any high-level visitor with the Chinese" when he met with Hu, said Jeffrey Bader, the National Security Council's chief Asia hand, who also worked for President Clinton.

PAH-LEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE... He probably went Further than Bowing behind Closed Doors.

But the Conclusion of this TRIPE being Passed Off as Legitimate News is what continues to Define the Barry Administration and Glorious Leader himself...

The Jesus Christ Complex that he and his Followers Blanket him with at any chance they get:

Furthermore, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said, the administration had not expected "that the waters would part and everything would change over our almost 2 1/2 -day trip to China."

Seriously?... A Biblical Reference?... Again?

Let me Decode that for you:

"Come on guys, I Know it Seems like he's the 2nd Coming of Christ, but he's just a Community Organizer who somehow Rode and or Pushed the Paranoia of an Impending Great Depression to get into the White House without even a Full Term as a Senator on the National Stage... And they ****ing Bought it!"...


Don't you Feel just a little More Proud this Morning having Read about our President Acquiescing to Tyrants in Foreign Lands once again?...

I Know I Sure do!




tha malcontent



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