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a malcontent rant 12.07.2010



Why do Liberals Believe that Higher Taxes cause Economic Booms?

By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief December 7,
10:35 AM MST

(ap) - What it must be like in the Mind of a Liberal... Arguably a Marxist. I had a Discussion with noted Boulder Leftist David Sirota this morning about Taxes and Economic Growth.

His Argument was that since the Economy was good during Clinton that it had to do with Clinton's Tax Rates and that returning to those by letting the Bush Era Cuts expire, will return us to that Boom...

How can anyone be that Ignorant of Economics and be lacking in basic Common Sense?

The rates increased at the top end from 31% to 39.6% under Clinton and the 2-year DemocRAT Congress he had.

The Boom happened in spite of the tax rates and was based on demand in the Tech Sector, from businesses networking computers, to People wanting computers, gadgets and toys in their own Homes...

It was also a product of Irrational Exuberance and easy/reckless lending and LOTS of borrowing against the unrealistically, ever increasing in value housing market.

The Funny thing is that David Sirota has acknowledged this in the past.

But when it comes to tax rates, clearly Clinton's taxes were what caused it.

But here�s a little secret about that period of time� The 10-year Economic Expansion began in March of 1991 and ended in March of 2001.

Clinton didn't take Office until January of 1993 and his first Budget wasn't in place until almost 1994...

That Expansion began WELL before Clinton or the DemocRATS had ANY impact on it.

What happened in 1994?... That's right, the Republican Rout, followed by a Balanced Budget FORCED by Gingrich and the REPUBLICans that included Welfare Reform, something the DemocRAT Base almost Disowned Clinton for.

It's a LOT more complicated picture than the likes of David Sirota would want to admit.

And I have yet to have a Liberal explain this to me� What did the Federal Government do with the extra 8% in taxes it was getting that directly impacted the Economy and created Economic Growth?

I am Certain David doesn�t have an answer for that, but he does have a hold button and the ability to limit difficult Callers with Context and Substance to (1) minute as to Dishonestly continue his own Narrative.

The funny thing is, I called to tell him to stop referring to the Money that I Earn as something that the Government "gives" me when his discussing tax rates.

It's Offensive and Ignorant, and David is not a Stupid Man� But he�s obviously a Marxist and it shows.

This is how Liberals view your Income... It's the Collective�s first, and then they will see how much they feel that you Deserve of it.

Don�t EVER doubt that about the Left� To one level or another, they all feel this way about your Income and how you are a lucky, selfish son-of-a-bitch for daring to call your money your own FIRST.

If they had it their way, they would put all of the money in a pot and distribute as they feel is Fair and Equitable.

They talk a lot about �Fairness� when it comes to taxes and talk about how the Rich don�t pay their fair share�

50% of American�s don�t pay these taxes on Income�

You didn�t know that?� And what percentage of this 50% do you think Vote for DemocRATS who say they will raise the other 50%�s taxes to Subsidize their Lifestyles?

It�s worse than that� 5-10% of Americans pay the majority of Federal Income Taxes.

True Story.

Another True Story� Obama was for raising EVERYONE�S taxes, not just whatever he defined as �the Rich�, before he and his Party got their asses handed to them in November.

Don�t let these snake-oil salesmen Lie to you any longer.

Inform yourselves� You have the tools that Generations before you did not.

You have NO excuse to be the Ignorant puppets of these Marxists, so don�t�

Seriously, it makes the baby Jesus cry.





tha malcontent



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