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a malcontent rant 12.10.2009



Barry Obama: "My Accomplishments are Slight..."


By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief
December 10... 5:05 AM MST

(ap) - Barry Obama: "My Accomplishments are Slight..."

Barack Obama Nobel Peace Prize speech: Full transcript

Amen... You didn't even "Accomplish" a Full Term in the US Senate before Ascending to the Oval Office.

Having said that, and Acknowledging that Obama is FAR More Honest about his Lack of Resume than his Faithful will EVER be, he did at least Concede this Reality as he Accepted an Award he had NOTHING to do with getting.

Understand me, it's not just that he doesn't have ANY Accomplishments to Deserve it, it's that he had no Control over getting it to begin with.

The Abjectly Liberal Bias that Inflames the Nobel Organization is to Blame for Barry getting this Award, not Barry.

If anything, they have Marginalized themselves and his Presidency with this Award, and Highlighted his own Broken Campaign Promises, as is Illustrated by the Leftist Protesters there with signs that read: "Change?", Mocking his Campaign Slogan from last Year's Election.

Anti-War Activists, who are normally Front and Center in the Media's Eye but are Curiously being all but Ignored right now, are Heap Angry with this President and his Expansion of Afghanistan coupled with his Failure to Close GITMO and End Iraq as he Promised in the two Latter Issues.

I smell 1968 in the coming Years leading to the 2010 Midterms and Barry's Attempt at getting Re-Elected in 2012 if something doesn't "Change" in these Wars he "Inherited".

And a Memo to POTUS: Passing the Buck will only work for so Long, Barry...

At some point, you will have to Own your Presidency whether you want to or not.

Petulant and Irresponsible Finger-pointing will only Sell SOME of the Ignorant Electorate, and only for so Long.

I'd Suggest you Stop having so Many Social Gatherings and Start doing your Job...

Your very Job and those of your Colleagues may Depend on it.





tha malcontent



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