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a malcontent rant 12.14.2009



Where's the Buck Stop?


By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief
December 14... 12:45 PM MST

(ap) -
Where the Buck Stops: "We have Inherited... I have Inherited... etc., etc., etc."

Once again Barry has NOT Taken Responsibility for ANYTHING, be it his Unfinished First Term in the US Senate that he Quit while his Party had Control of the House and Senate, or his Lack of ANYTHING Substantive as President for a Year with 3/3 Control of Government for his Party, save EXPANDING (43)'s Policies, from the Wars to "Stimulus" Spending.

All he can seem to Say or Do is what he once again Said to the other "O": "We have Inherited..."

Irresponsible Man Child.

But he Throws a HELLUVA Party on the Taxpayer's Dime, from what I Hear!

At least Jimmah Carter had the Humility to NOT Live Excessively and Lavishly while the Nation Suffered during the "Misery" of his Final (2) Years.

And for that Reason, Barry will become the Worst President of Modern Times, Surpassing the Herpes of American Politics, Jimmah Carter.

I would have NEVER Thought that America would Repeat the Carter Mistake, or even Worse, but I am Afraid that she has.

And in that, Jimmah Carter has Gained a SMALL amount of Respect in my Mind because Barry Reminded me that Jimmah was at least at ONE Point in his Existence Capable of being Humble.

Something I don't Think Barry can even Comprehend.




tha malcontent



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