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a malcontent rant 12.14.2009



algore gives the North Cap 5 years... Again.


By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief
December 14... 12:55 PM MST

(ap) -
algore gives the North Cap 5 years... Again...

Polar Ice May Be Gone in 5 Years, Al Gore Says in Copenhagan - Sphere News

I Distinctly Remember algore Predicting the End of the North Cap's Ice by 2012*.

(*This is a Prediction that Ice in the Summer would be gone, because of course, Aside from the Perception that is Attempting to be Created, Ice at the Caps is NOT going away Permanently Year-Round by any Means.)

So in 5 Years when I continue to NOT Give a Shit about algore's Frothing and Hopefully there hasn't been Legislation Created to Further Cripple our Economy Based on said Frothing, will the Libs who Pray at this Shrine start to Concede?...

Will they Admit that this is Crap?...

Will they Look South and Offer an Explanation of that Expansion of Ice, or continue to Conveniently Ignore it?...

Could they Possibly Entertain the Concept that the Expansion in the South might be Tied the Retraction in the North?

Will they EVER Honestly Deal with the History of Greenland:

Decline of the Vikings in Iceland - Influence of Dramatic Climate Shifts on European Civilizations: The Rise and Fall of the Vikings and the Little Ice Age

^An Example of MANY...

Was it the US Automobile Manufacturer and Big Fat Bald White Oil that Warmed Greenland up back then for the Vikings?...

I am so Fucking Tired of these Paranoid Liberals and their Blind Faith in the Simplistic Rantings of algore and others that I am Running out of ways to Express it.

Anyway, the End is in 2015 or 2017 or whatever...

Global Temps have NOT Warmed in a Decade and a Decade is PIN DROP in the History of this Rock.

Just 30 to 40 Years ago some of these same "Experts" were Predicting the Next Ice Age if we didn't Change our ways...

Seriously, it's time to Stop being either Dishonest or Ignorant on this Issue.

The Sky is NOT Falling and Man's Contribution to ANY of this "Climate Change" is Insignificant when Compared to the Sun... End of  List.

Carry on.




tha malcontent



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