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a malcontent rant 12.15.2009



Are Liberals Exaggerating the Homeless Problem again?


By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief
December 15... 6:55 AM MST

(ap) -
I Read in the NEA Periodic Rag that's little More than a Extension of the DemocRAT National Committee that comes to my Home that there are 800,000 Homeless Children in America that are Enrolled in School.

"In fact, there�s something going on with a lot of kids in America. In 2007, nearly 800,000 homeless children were enrolled in public schools."

NEA - Cover Story - Address Unknown


800,000 is almost 1 million.

Almost 1 in 300 Americans is a Homeless Child?

They can�t be Serious, can they?

No to mention this is 2007 Data. Unemployment in 2007 was like 5%. Can you Imagine what "Homelessness" is now after the Massive Jobs Losses and Foreclosures?

But these are the same People who give us the Lie that Teachers only make $24,000 a year.

The thing that Concerns me Most is that "Educated" People read "NEAToday"... One would Assume anyway.

Don't they Read a Stat like that and Question it?

Isn't Critical Thinking something that they should be Utilizing on a Daily Basis and Expecting their Students to Utilize also?

Or are they that Driven by Emotion that when they Read an Absurd Stat like that one, that they just get all Weepy and Send the NEA another Contribution after they Fill their Students with Misplaced Guilt for having a Home?

The World may Never Know.


Edited to Add this Important Information on the Bias that is Inherent in the NEA and the Left:


The Opening Volley from the Guilty White Liberal Author of this NEA Propaganda:

"You can�t practice the violin in a homeless shelter."

^That is from a Story by the NEA Titled:

"How do you assign homework to a kid without a home?"

More of the Dishonest Perception Building in the Story:

�There are homeless children everywhere,�

And here's the "Relative" Redefinition of "Homeless", so we ALL Know where the Justification for this Dishonest Tripe came from:

"These days, the average homeless person in America isn�t that whiskered alcoholic on the street, begging you for change while you sip your Starbucks venti."

The NEA is being DELIBERATELY Dishonest...

By whatever Means...




tha malcontent



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