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a malcontent rant 12.16.2005



Are we Teaching our Children to "Tolerate" others?...


By tha malcontent (Direct Descendent of the Founding Fathers! - tha malcontent)
ap/afp Editor in Chief
December 16, 4:05 PM MST

(ap) - Are we Teaching our Children to "Tolerate" others?...

Tolerate, as most People probably hear it: "To put up with; endure."

Are we really asking Children to "Put up with" People who are not like them?

When I hear Tolerance, and "Teaching Tolerance", I can't help but to hear that very thing.

We are also Teaching our Children to Ignore Differences, while Celebrating other Cultures and in that, their Differences, from Skin Color to Religion...

What kind of message does this really send to them?

We tell them to Ignore the other Child's Skin Color, yet have Lesson Plans that Include Deliberately calling out their Color as a Primary Factor.

Finally, the Consistent Oppressor in these Lesson Plans is the White Christian Male, be it the Crusades, the Discovery of America, Slavery, the Civil Rights Movement, and even today with the Death Penalty... Of course, "White Christian Males" were not the only Participants, if at all, in some of those things.

What message does that send to Children who are White in 2005?

Are they Guilty of Actual or Perceived Historical Wrongs, simply because they are White themselves?

I Submit that at least some percentage of them are Affected Negatively by this type of Teaching, and I Think this type of Teaching happens a lot more than most on the Educational Left would Admit to.

Memo to the Educational Left: Our Children are not the Vehicles for Guilty White Liberals to Cleanse themselves with.

No matter how bad you tell White Children they Inherently are, albeit Veiled in "Historical" Lesson Plans, it will never Relieve you of your own Personal White Liberal Guilt and Issues that you continue to Harbor with the Greatest Generation.

If you were Honest in your Teaching of "Tolerance", you would Teach Children to "Tolerate" CHRISTmas once a year, instead of doing everything in your Power to Remove every aspect of it from the Public Square, along with any Reference of Christianity or God in general.


It seems to me that there is a long list of issues that the Left can NOT "Tolerate", and many of those issues find their Roots in this Country in the Founding.


Christianity is one of those things.


Tolerance, in Deed.


tha malcontent

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