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a malcontent rant 12.28.2009



"Violent Militants" and "Isolated Extremists"


By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief
December 28... 12:55 PM MST

(ap) -
So Barry the Messianic was speaking today from his Vacation Home on the Island Paradise were he was Prep-Schooled in a Life of Privilege by his Typically Racist White Grandparents about �the attempted Terrorist Attack� on Christmas Day.

Source: 44 - Transcript of Obama remarks on airline security and terror watch lists

I find it odd that he, nor other Liberals, can call these Animals �Terrorists�, yet he can refer to the �Terrorist Attack� generally. But when referring to the Terrorist who was actually attempting the aforementioned �Terrorist Attack� he says generalized things like, "Violent Militants" and "Isolated Extremists".

This Politically Correct CRAP has it�s Genesis post-9/11 in the removal of �Operation Infinite Justice� as the name of our first War in Afghanistan in 2001. Of course we now know how well this first attempt at kissing Islamist ass with Westernized Political Correctness and Acquiescing to these Animals in general worked out.

Yep, they continue to Attack Innocents around the Globe to this day regardless of how Polite or Apologetic we are�

As for �Isolated�� Wasn�t this last Attacker on a list with a half a million other �Isolated Extremists�. A half a million that we know about. And this one was even Warned about by his own Father, and the Administration still missed it.

I Suggest to you that �Isolated� is a Hopeful word on the part of the Messianic One and his Followers� Dangerously Na�ve.

Even with the Election of the Messiah last Fall, the Terrorists seem to continue Terrorizing at will, no matter how many times he Apologizes, Bows and Praises the Religion Responsible for the VAST Majority of Terror on this Planet, from Ft. Hood to Yemen and ALL place in between.

Is Barry not kissing enough ass?� Or is ass-kissing NOT the answer?

We are being Polite to People who Hide behind their Women and Children like Cowards while they Target Women and Children.

Ironically Barry refers to one of the prime Offenders in Organized Jihad, �the ISLAMIC Republic of Iran�, in his remarks from earlier today.

He makes reference to the Iranians �Universal Rights� that the Islamic Government is apparently Suppressing�

Could someone PLEASE explain to me what Barry means by �Universal Rights� with regard to Iran?

Would that be the Right to NOT be Executed if you are a Homosexual?�

The Right to an Equal Education if you are a Woman?�

The Right to Equal Expression if you are a Women?�

Hell, the RIGHT to your own Life and how you Choose to Live it?

I thought I heard from the Left ALL throughout (43)�s 8 Years that �these People don�t want our Freedoms�, or one of my Favorites, �The Iraqis were better off under Saddam, at least they respected his brand of Tyranny��

Of course these Liberals were comparing our Liberation and subsequent Free Elections to the Genocidal Tyranny that was Saddam Hussein for decades. They would probably have Compared our Bombing of Dresden to the Death Camps of Hitler�s SS if they had the Courage of their supposed Convictions� But they don�t� Well, some in the Halls of our Higher Education Institutions do.

It�s like this� We are at War with Islam just like we were at War with the SS. Not EVERY German was a Nazi nor are all Muslims Jihadists, but we now find ourselves being Attacked by Educated and Relatively Wealthy Islamists in Retaliation for Strikes that the Obama Administration has conducted in the ME, including Yemen.

These aren�t �the Poor, downtrodden and Oppressed Muslims who have no other Choice but to Strike Back Against the Great Infidel� that the Left has so Furiously Sympathized with and Excused as they Butcher Women and Children while using their own Women and Children as Shields.

There is one thing for sure� This won�t be the last, and if the Left were Consistent and Honest, they would be taking Barry to task for the continuation and Expansion of Bush War policies that appear to be the source of the attempted Bombing on Christmas Day and a number of others since January 20th of this year.

We can�t occasionally and randomly Fight this War.

We have to Fight this War like we have EVERY Intention of Winning and make it VERY clear that ANYONE who Harbors, Assists or Sympathizes with the Islamists will be Fair Game.

Winning starts with knowing who are Allies Honestly are and having a clear definition of what Victory is� And then the Courage to Accomplish it.

This goes back to that Simplistic thing that (43) was so Mocked and Ridiculed for having said: You are either with us or you are with the Terrorists.

It�s high time for an International show of hands on that very thing and then the follow through to Defeat the Enemy at whatever cost, unless we are comfortable with a certain level of Terror.

If the Middle East understood this to be our Unwavering goal, I would bet that most of the �Good Muslims� would be of unlimited assistance to us in our goal.

Instead, I am afraid that Barry and the Left will continue to Agitate the Terrorists with Drone Attacks and supplying future bin Ladens Against the current bin Ladens on one hand, Claiming Strength in the War Against �Militant Extremist Radical Meanies who have Perverted the One True Religion of Peace, Love and Tolerance�, and then Sympathize with their Reprisals on the other.

This is a Recipe for Victory� An Islamist Victory.

It will take Generations, but ask those who are Terrorized on their own Soil by the Islamists right now like Israel and Europe�

The Islamists are Willing and Prepared to Fight this type of Fight for Generations.

Are we?




tha malcontent



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