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a malcontent rant 12.29.2009



Just a Couple of Reasons Playboy is going Under


By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief
December 29... 07:55 AM MST

(ap) -
Just a Couple of Reasons Playboy is going Under...


In case you didn't Know, this is the 2nd Time they've Condensed (2) Months into one and it's barely larger than ONE Issue was back in the Cindy/Anna Days...

There is no doubt that this Print Periodical is Shitting the Bed, as are a number of others...

It's Easy to Blame the Internet for this, but I would suggest that it's more than that.

Maxim, for example, is NOT going in the same direction as Playboy.

Maxim Knows who they are Targeting.

Playboy Obviously does not.

In Recent Years Playboy has taken a LOT from what Maxim does...

At the same Time they try to Cater to the 60 and 70 Year Olds who still Read it, while trying to keep X'ers and Boomers on board.

But their Liberal Agenda and seeming lack of grasp on Reality is playing a BIG part in their Inevitable Collapse.

(2) Examples in this Month's Joke of a "MASSIVE DOUBLE ISSUE" are these:

1.) Why we Love the 60s.

^80+ Examples of basically the Sexuality and Decadence that was that Decade. From Playboy's Girls to Hollywood to Woodstock to John Coltrane... But then there's "Vietnam".

Seriously?... One of the Reasons Playboy Loved the 60s was because of "Vietnam"?

That category stood out like a sore thumb as it was grouped with Natalie Wood and Miles Davis.

If I were Creating a pictorial about why ANYONE would "Love the 60s", I can't Imagine "Vietnam" EVER being on ANY List.

But maybe it's this Mentality at Playboy that continues to bring us examples like this one out of this month's Forum:

2.) Malise Ruthven's "Decoding Evil"... "Have we Asked Islamic Women how they Feel" about the Veil?...

This is yet another in a LONG Line of Sympathetic to the Oppressiveness of Islam articles that Playboy has printed to counter their even LONGER line of Anti-Christian articles.

I have a question for Hef... Mr. Western Sexual Liberation...

Did we ask any of our Slaves if they were OK with it?... Because if my memory of History serves me, some were... It was a LOT Better here for them than it was in Africa in MANY instances and the case could be made that it was their being Slaves here that eventually lead to the their Liberation there.

Using this Tortured Logic that Playboy seems to be regularly open to, ANY generationally Oppressed people, like those who have Suffered under Islam, specifically Women and Homosexuals, could actually be better off.

But if an American Woman chooses Family over Career in our FREE Society, well, that's just Right-Wing Fundamentalists who have Abused and Manipulated her and we should consider doing something about it Legislatively.

Am I the only one who sees the Left's Glaring and Disgusting Double Standard and Hypocrisy?...

Issue after issue Playboy reflects EXACTLY what is Wrong with the Modern American Liberal, and this month's "MASSIVE DOUBLE ISSUE" is no different.

Congratulations, Hef!...

Your magazine may go under just about the same time you do...

Maybe it's by Design.

Or Divine Intervention.

I can tell you this much, Hef and his Ladies wouldn't survive on the streets of most Islamic Nations, from the Kingdom to Iran...

But please, continue Excusing and Sympathizing with that Oppression, Liberals...

It Defines you as you Obsessively Criticize the VERY place you sit in the Comfort of, the MOST Free Nation and REPUBLIC, if we can Keep it, on the Planet...

The one that Affords you the Ability to be so Painfully Ignorant and in many cases, Willfully Destructive of the very thing you Abuse without an ounce of Consideration for why you have it in the first place and at what Cost it came.

But please, don't let me Interrupt the Romanticizing of Islam's Oppression of it's own People and it's Goal of spreading that Religion's Peace, Love and Tolerance around the Globe with the stroke of the Sword...

That would be Close-minded, Rude and even Racist of me to Observe, wouldn't it?...

And of course MY brand of "Free Speech" isn't what the Founders had in Mind, is it?...

How DARE I question Liberals on anything.

I Feel some Pejoratives coming my way.




tha malcontent



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