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a malcontent rant 05.04.2010



Why is it OK for Big Wind Energy to Slaughter Protected Birds?


By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief
May 4... 10:55 AM MST

(ap) - As the wind blows furiously through D-Town and the pro-wind-farm Left is patting itself on the back for those obscene eyesores they have propped up Boulder way that are spinning out of control today, let's take another look at wind "energy", shall we?

In the past I have shared some of my thoughts on this industry not yet known as "Big Wind" as compared with other "energy" industries that aren't in the favor of the Left and the footprint they are leaving on Mother Earth:

Big Solar Raping Mother Earth... Sad Indian Heap Cry /�... Calling The Associated Press out for the Socialists that they are!

Wind Farms vs Oil Rigs /�... Calling The Associated Press out for the Socialists that they are!

It�s simply common sense to conclude that wind farms are raping land PERMANENTLY for very little energy output compared to it�s competitors, oil, coal and gas, and this is simply not up for debate unless you are blindly pro-alternative.

As we continue to see the �RAVAGES!� of Big Fat Bald White Oil in the Gulf Coast via the pro-wind �Free Press� in the form of oil coated turtles and birds and those who advocate for "alternatives" to this "Oil Holocaust" point to the spinning turbines up in Boulder County, Altamont and from coast to coast, let's look a little closer at this �clean� and perfectly harmless �energy� that is the wind farm and what it does to wildlife...

Specifically, PROTECTED Wildlife:

Ah... Isn't it beeeeeeeeeeeeautiful!... How could that do ANY harm?...

Maybe not so much:

Actually... NOT at ALL:

It's estimated that 10's of THOUSANDS of birds have been killed by these painfully inefficient propellers at Altamont alone� Maybe even hundreds of thousands over it�s almost 3 decades of land raping.

Not only do these things permanently rape land, they also kill protected birds like the bald eagle.

There are people in the Puget Sound who can't build on their own land because of the bald eagle, but algore Junior and Barry Hussein Obama's pals in wind energy seem to be getting a pass as they perpetrate a mass Genocide of protected birds from coast to coast.

Why are their lapdogs in the "Free Press" ignoring almost 3 Decades of this while they headline and lead with oil covered turtles from this accident to the Valdez and everything in between?...

It's OBVIOUS why... Politics and money.

The politics of their EcoNazi base and the money that can be made with it via artificial �Stimulus� money from the American Taxpayer.

Follow the money� In the end, that�s all it�s all about� That and more and more control and regulation.

But why would the Left want to be bothered with regulations and controls on the industry they are profiting from financially and politically?

I guess we know the answer to why so many protected birds are being allowed to Die in the name of �Green Energy�, don�t we.

And all it takes is some critical thought and information�

Something the �Free Press� is expected to provide as it hides behind it�s First Amendment protections for obviously political and ideological reasons.

Yet more evidence of the Bias that is self-evident in the 4th Estate.



tha malcontent



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