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a malcontent rant 05.11.2007



"Open Season"... On Whites Males


By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief
May 11, 2:35 PM MST

(ap) - "Open Season" the movie is an offensively agendized and stereotyping piece of Hollywood propaganda... The redneck who runs down the deer, if it were reversed and it was say, a black woman who runs down a white homeless man and leaves him Impaled in her windshield to die and brings men she's bedding out to view his death in her garage while they party, well that would be... Something that actually happened in real life that was all but Ignored by the media when compared with a whore lying about rape @ Duke.

The larger point is that negatively stereotyping white people, specifically males as that movie did, and then directing it at children, is concerning.

The assumed white male was the bad guy... redneck with a gun in a truck, driving recklessly, harming nature and targeting defenseless, innocent animals outside of the proper hunting season with a mean old gas guzzling truck, and in general more of an animal than the animals in the film were.

As all white male hunters are, of course.

The woman was a nature loving, hunter hating, tree-hugger who was obviously one of the good guys... The husbandless mother figure of the film, because God forbid we show "daddies" to children.

The sheriff was not falling down drunk at the bar, as many Indians are, but we'll save the negative stereotyping for the white male with the gun... No, our fearless and wise sheriff was a respectable man, not what I saw in Billings Montana every time I visited or down in Four Corners.... Again, we'll save the negative stereotyping for the evil white man.

Anyway, I didn't finish it because it was also not entertaining and I fell asleep once I realized it was a premise lifted loosely from Madagascar.

I Hope I am not the only one who finds "Open Season" offensive, considering it's target audience... children. The same children we are trying NOT to enforce stereotypes to, I would assume.

One other part of this film that I don't like, and it's not exclusive to this children's film by any stretch, is the humanizing of animals.

Bears eat children.

They are not your friends...

They are not pets...

They don't pal around with deer...

They kill humans every single time they get the chance, end of ****ing list.

Class dismissed.



tha malcontent

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