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a malcontent rant 08.04.2010



AP: It's not Anti-DemocRAT this Fall, it's Anti-Incumbent... Right.

By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief August 4
, 7:55 AM MST

(ap) - Let the AP show you how to Spin a Story...

Another incumbent down as Michigan Rep. loses

AP National Political Writer Aug 4, 7:27 AM EDT

WASHINGTON (AP) � Incumbents beware. Another lawmaker just bit the dust.

Michigan Rep. Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick lost her bid for an eighth term on Tuesday, her son's legal woes dragging her down in a year when fickle voters seem eager to fire longtime lawmakers.

She's the sixth - and the fourth in the House - to lose so far this year. And the frustrated electorate could deal others the same fate in primaries over the next two months, not to mention the general election in November, when nothing less than the balance of power in Washington will be at stake.

In another nod to fresh blood, Michigan voters chose political newcomer Rick Snyder as the Republican nominee in the race to succeed outgoing Democratic Gov. Jennifer Granholm in a state severely battered by the economic downturn.

Read the rest here:

Here's the Spin... It's not about "Incumbents" going down... It's about DemocRATS, the Party in 3/3 Control of Government going down.

Why is "Michigan Rep. Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick"'s Party not called out?... Either in the Headline, which is about her Loss, or in the Body of the Story?...

The AP was Certainly making DAMNED Sure that EVERYONE Knew Party Affiliation in 2006 when their Party was doing Well:

WASHINGTON (AP) � Republican Sen. George Allen conceded defeat Thursday to Democrat Jim Webb, sealing the Democrats� control of Congress and the political downfall of a man once considered a White House contender.

Burns concedes in Montana
In Montana, the other Senate race that had not been decided on election night, Republican Sen. Conrad Burns earlier Thursday conceded to Democrat Jon Tester.

Allen concedes in Virginia - Politics -

In 2006 it was ALL about REPUBLICANS getting Tossed because the American People were DONE!... Not this time around... This Asswhippin' that the DemocRATS are going to take is about "Incumbency"... Predictable as it is Sad.

AP vs ap 05.25.2010: Ex-Detroit mayor gets up to 5 years in prison /�... Calling The Associated Press out for the Socialists that they are!

^Another Kilpatrick (D) that the AP Decided didn't need to be called a DemocRAT...

The Narrative is being set for the Losses that the "Free Press" and their Party are going to take this "Fall"...

Americans are Bitter and Angry at Incumbents.

When in Fact they are going to be tossing out DemocRATS as a CLEAR Message to Obama and his Policies.

But they will Shelter the Messianic (O)ne from the Damage, you can bet on that.

I wonder if we will get one of those Classic lines like:

"The Electorate threw a Collective Tantrum tonight"... < Paraphrasing, of course.

Because according to the AP and it's Children, when we Vote OUT their Party, we are an Emotional Gaggle of Children who don't Know what's Best for us and Prone to Tantrums...

But when we Elect their Side, we are a Brilliant and Informed Organization of Prescient Adults.

Watch and Learn...




tha malcontent



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