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a malcontent Tea Party 04.15.2009




ap Reports from the Denver "Tea Party"


By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief
Apr 15, 10:15 AM MST

(ap) - Correspondents in the Field... And here's where you will see the latest from the Event, and the Protest that ap/afp has at the Rally.


Click here for Commentary from "Gonzo"...



^As it beings... An overcast Rocky Mountain Spring day Invites the Patriots to the Capitol to Voice their Distaste with the current Administration's Raping of the Labors of the Tax Payer.



^ "Gonzo" Correspondent with Radical Right-Wing sign in tow!... That's ap Baby, in case you didn't know!



^Here's the sign after Production yesterday evening... A Rush Job!



^Bitter and Clinging to Guns and that old Tired Constitution!...



^The Grassy Knoll...



^Don't Tread no us, Damn it!



^This Scares the HELL out of the American Left...



^Flag wavers!... Every single last one of them with their Love of Country!



^This is a pic of the Abortionists and the Anti-Abortionists. You can tell the ones on the Left are Anti... The women sitting in the grass have a sign that reads Paws out of our PUSS.



^Love the "I'm Not Your ATM" sign... Classic.



^Good Pic to End out Today with... See the Minuteman?... More to Come...


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tha malcontent

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